The IHBB Asian Championships

Posted Apr 12, 2014

The International History Bee and Bowl is delighted to announce that its fourth annual Asian Championships will be held on June 16-18, 2017 at Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore!

The schedule is posted below; this has now been confirmed, and teams and students may make flight and travel bookings based on this. Accommodations and meals are available directly at Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, though attending students and schools are welcome to stay elsewhere in Singapore.

The competition will begin on Friday morning with an all-subject quiz tournament, the Academic Bowl of Asia, then feature the Sports and Entertainment History Bee on Friday evening, the International Geography Bee Asian Championships on Saturday morning, the History Bee on Saturday afternoon/evening, and the History Bowl on Sunday.

Note: This year, all students who did not have a chance to compete in the History Bee twice who would like an extra chance to qualify may compete in the History Bee Qualifier on Saturday at 12:00pm. Students who finish in the top half in their division qualify; those who don’t may compete in the Consolation Bee, which is held at the same time as the Asian Championships in the History Bee.

Information on Rooms and Meals at Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School

Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School has a limited number of sleeping rooms available for students and advisors. Because of the limited availability, staying at the school is limited to coaches and participating students. For recommendations on nearby hotels, please email

Overall, there are around 12 quad-sharing student rooms, and 12 twin-sharing student rooms that weekend. If you are interested in staying over on Wednesday or Sunday night as well, that may also be possible; please inquire as to availability at

Rooms cost $55 SGD per student per night (about $40 USD) – this includes all meals too, so it’s a great deal. All rooms have air conditioning and wifi access. For coaches, rooms cost $130.00 per room per day (includes meals) for single occupancy, and $150.00 per room per day for twin-sharing (this cost covers two people). There are around 10 guestrooms with attached bathrooms for coaches, so again, please book soon.

To reserve rooms, schools should send their accommodation requests directly to, and indicate that their students will be participating in the IHBB Asian Championships. You can pay either by interbank e-transfer or by cash in Singapore dollars.

Regarding meals, for students and adults staying at Hwa Chong, accommodation fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner at the boarding school dining hall. For those attending the competition but not staying at Hwa Chong, the meal coupons are very affordably priced at $2.50 SGD for breakfast, and $3.50 SGD for lunch and dinner.
For further details on the Asian Championships please contact

Date 2017-06-16
Registration Deadline 2017-06-02 00:00:00
Address 661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore
Question Set Championships
Coordinator Mrs Nolwenn Madden -
Director David and Nolwenn Madden
Schedule of Events Friday
9:30 am Academic Bowl of Asia Check-in
9:45 am Please arrive by this time!
10:00 am Academic Bowl of Asia Opening Meeting
10:30 am Academic Bowl of Asia Round 1
11:05 am Academic Bowl of Asia Round 2
11:40 am Academic Bowl of Asia Round 3
12:15 pm Lunch
1:05 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Round 4
1:40 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Round 5
2:30 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Playoff/Consolation Round 1
3:10 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Playoff/Consolation Round 2
3:45 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Finals
4:15 pm Academic Bowl of Asia Awards
4:30 pm Break (Last Chance to Take IGB Qualifying Exams)
6:00 pm Dinner
6:30 pm Sports & Entertainment Bee Check-in
6:45 pm  Please arrive by this time!
6:55 pm  Sports & Entertainment Bee Opening Meeting
7:15 pm  Sports & Entertainment Bee Round 1
7:45 pm Sports & Entertainment Bee Round 2
8:30 pm Sports & Entertainment Bee Finals
9:15 pm Sports & Entertainment Bee Awards
8:15 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Check-in
8:35 am Please arrive by this time!
8:45 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Opening Meeting
9:05 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Round 1
9:35 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Round 2
10:05 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Round 3
10:55 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Finals - Stage 1
11:25 am Intl. Geography Bee - Asian Championships Finals - Stage 2
11:45 am Awards
11:50 am History Bee Qualifier Check-in
11:55 pm History Bee Qualifier - Please arrive by this time!
12:00 pm History Bee Qualifier
12:30 pm Lunch (students not in the Bee Qualifier may eat earlier)
1:10 pm History Bee and Consolation Bee Check-in
1:35 pm History Bee - Please arrive by this time!
2:00 pm History Bee Opening Meeting
2:25 pm History Bee Round 1
3:00 pm History Bee Round 2
3:30 pm History Bee Round 3
4:00 pm History Bee Round 4
5:00 pm History Bee Finalists Announced / Tiebreaks (if needed)
5:15 pm History Bee Finals Stage 1
5:50 pm History Bee Finals Stage 2
6:30 pm Awards
6:40 pm Dinner
7:45 am History Bowl Check-in Begins
8:10 am History Bowl - Please arrive by this time
8:30 am  History Bowl Opening Meeting
9:00 am History Bowl Round 1
9:40 am History Bowl Round 2
10:20 am History Bowl Round 3
11:00 am History Bowl Round 4
11:40 am History Bowl Round 5
12:15 pm  Lunch (check out of rooms during lunch break but be back to check your playoff games on time!)
1:10 pm Playoff Assignments Posted
1:30 pm History Bowl Quarterfinals
2:10 pm History Bowl Semifinals
2:50 pm History Bowl Finals
3:20 pm Awards (awards will be presented first for any teams who have flights between 5:30 and 6:00)
3:30 pm End
Teams 1. Batasan Hills National High School, Philippines (expressed interest)
2. British International School, Phuket (expressed interest)
3. JESS Dubai (expressed interest)
4. India International School in Japan (expressed interest)
5. Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy (expressed interest)
6. Lycée Français International de Tokyo (expressed interest)
7. International Christian Academy (expressed interest)
8. NIST International School (expressed interest)
9. HeadStart International School (expressed interest)
10. Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (expressed interest)
11. Lycée Français de Singapour (expressed interest)
12. Kang Chiao International School (expressed interest)
13. Dalat International School (expressed interest)
14. Dulwich College Singapore (expressed interest)
15. NPS International School (expressed interest)
16. Team Black Hawk (expressed interest)
17. Chiang Mai International School (expressed interest)
18. International Community School, Bangkok (expressed interest)