no * or # = Varsity
* = Junior Varsity
# = Middle School

(c) in front of the team or student means that registration fees have been paid and the team or student’s registration is confirmed.

History Bowl Asia & Oceania Championships
1. (c) Guangdong Country Garden School, Foshan
2. German Swiss International School, Hong Kong
3. (c) Shenzhen Oasis International School, Shenzhen #

History Bee Asia & Oceania Championships
1. (c) Yangyi Gao, St. Mark’s School, Shanghai
2. (c) Alex Liu, Meisha Bilingual School, Shenzhen #
3. Zechariah Labung, La Verdad Christian School, Apalit *
4. Shubhi Negi, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow
5. Junhe Shi, BASIS International School Guangzhou, Guangzhou
6. (c) Cheng Qin, Shanghai High School – International Division, Shanghai
7. (c) Jiongmin Jin, BASIS International School Park Lane *
8. (c) WanTim Yiu, Shenzhen Oasis International School #
9. (c) Zirui Chen, Landon School *

Geography Bee Asia & Oceania Championships
1. Bill Song, Chadwick International School, Incheon
2. (c) Jeff Tan Kuan Yew, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore
3. (c) Lim San Joh, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore

Science Bee Asia & Oceania Championships
1. (c) Chris D’Arcy, International School of Manila, Manila
2. (c) Mudit Mehta, International School of Manila, Manila

Academic Bee Asia & Oceania Championships