2022-2023 IHBB Asia History Bee & Bowl Results

Event Varsity Champion Junior Varsity Champion Middle School Champion Elementary Champion Tournament Date
Online Fall History Bowl La Salle Green Hills A School of the Nations B Philippine Science High School – Main Campus B December 17, 2022
Online Fall History Bee Carlos Sebastian L. Santos, La Salle Green Hills Jinkai Hao, School of the Nations Reugene Dwane Lopez, Philippine Science High School-Main Campus Mike Song Zijing, North London Collegiate School December 18, 2022
Tokyo Winter History Bowl St. Mary’s International School A American School in Japan UIA International School of Tokyo A January 28, 2023
Tokyo Winter History Bee Ryan Holloway, Kinnick High School Keita Narusawa, American School in Japan Gargi Gundlapalli, UIA International School of Tokyo Rishan Irshad, UIA International School of Tokyo January 28, 2023
Dubai Winter History Bowl Dubai College B Dubai College B Abu Dhabi Homeschool Association B February 4, 2023
Dubai Winter History Bee Fatimah Faizan, ADHSA Aleeza Ahmed, Dubai College Moosa Ahmed Faizan, ADHSA Moosa Ahmed Faizan, ADHSA February 4, 2023
Shanghai Winter History Bowl Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy A Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong February 18, 2023
Shanghai Winter History Bee Shelley Yang, Shanghai American School Pudong Campus Lilun Qin, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy Sara Bosshart, Shanghai High School International Division February 18, 2023
Shenzhen Winter History Bowl BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour A Tsinglan School A Tsinglan School C February 26, 2023
Shenzhen Winter History Bee Jiongmin Jin, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour Michael Ai, Tsinglan School Shaw En Mochi Guo, American International School in Guangzhou February 26, 2023
Beijing Winter History Bowl Beijing Academy Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Academy B March 18, 2023
Beijing Winter History Bee Jiachuan Wang, Beijing Academy Mingda Liu, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China March 18, 2023
Seoul History Bowl Seoul Foreign School Dulwich College B Dulwich College C March 25, 2023
Seoul History Bee Claire Haigh, Seoul Foreign School Royce In, Seoul Foreign School Nathaniel Yoo, Seoul Foreign School March 25, 2023