In addition to the International History Bee and Bowl, International Academic Competitions also oversee the International Geography Bee. The first stage of IGB consists of a Championships Qualifying Exam and Regional Quiz Tournaments. Students can qualify for the Asian and World Championships through either the Exam or the Quiz Tournament. The CQE is offered at all IHBB Regional tournaments throughout Asia in two separate versions (Alpha and Beta). Students who score in the top half of students in their age division who take the exam at each site, or students who while not accomplishing that, score in the top 50% of all students in Asia in a given academic year on that particular version of the Exam in their age group, then qualify for both the IGB Asian Championships and the IGB World Championships.

The IGB Asian Championships is held each spring in conjunction with the IHBB Asian Championships. It consists of three rounds of buzzer-based quiz play with geography questions for all students. The top students then make the playoffs.

The International Geography Bee World Championships consists of multiple events over the course of six days, and is held every two years. It is next being held on July 12-19, 2020 on a Caribbean cruise. The week after that, the International History Olympiad will also take place on a Caribbean cruise from July 19-26, 2020. Students who are qualified for both the IGB World Championships and the Olympiad may compete in both.

For further information, please explore the IGB website, the IGB Worlds website, or contact