Date: March 25, 2023
Location: Dulwich College Seoul

Registration Form

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2023

Tournament Format:
All History Bowl will be guaranteed to play in at least 5 preliminary round matches. The exact tournament format will be determined after the registration deadline.

All History Bee players will compete in 3 preliminary round matches. Each preliminary round consists of 25 to 30 tossup questions. The top students will compete in the playoff rounds. The exact number of students that qualify for playoff rounds will be determined after the registration deadline.

History Bowl (includes cost of History Bee):
300 USD per team of up to 6 players
200 USD per team of 2 players
100 USD per team of 1 player

History Bee ONLY: 50 USD per player

Please note that schools are REQUIRED to bring one reader for every two teams they register. Readers can be parents, teachers, or students who are fluent or native English speakers. The penalty for each missing reader is $200 for the History Bowl. 

There’s a buzzer discount of $30 for each buzzer system that a school brings. 

Payments Methods:
Paypal (4% fee)
Wire Transfer (30 USD fee)

Registration and Payment Deadline: March 15, 2023

Registration fees for all tournaments must be paid before the payment deadline. For in-person tournaments, registration fees can be paid in person on the day of the tournament at a 5% surcharge.  

Top three teams and players in each division will receive plaques. All students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Asian Championships Qualification:
The top 50% (including ties) of teams and players in each division will qualify for the 2022-23 IAC Asian Championships. Teams that win more than half of their prelim matches will also qualify.


Registered Teams:no * or # = Varsity* = Junior Varsity# = Middle School

8:30 am Check-in Begins
8:45 am Please arrive by this time!
8:50 am History Bowl – Opening Meeting
9:00 am  History Bowl – Round 1
9:50 am History Bowl – Round 2
10:30 am History Bowl – Round 3
11:10 am History Bowl – Round 4
11:50 am History Bowl – Round 5
12:30 pm Lunch
13:30 pm History Bee – Round 1
14:00 pm History Bee – Round 2
14:30 pm History Bee – Round 3
15:10 pm History Bowl – Semifinals
15:50 pm History Bowl – Finals
16:40 pm History Bee – Finals
17:00 pm End

Registered Teams:
1. Dulwich College Seoul
2. Dulwich College Seoul *
3. Dulwich College Seoul #
4. Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies
5. Seoul Foreign School
6. BCC Seoul
7. Seoul International School
8. Seoul International School *