IHBB is proud to announce our inaugural online History Bee Global Summer League Online Tournament. Primary and Secondary students from across Asia, Canada, and Europe will get to compete against one another online. Students can also compete in our other Summer League competitions: Science Bee & Geography Bee

In order to compete in the Summer League History Bee, you must be 19 years or younger at the time of the competitions. You must also be enrolled in a primary or secondary school for the 2020-21 school year. Middle and Elementary division students who have competed in any US regional finals in the 2019-20 school year must contact league@iacompetitions.com for eligibility to register for the History and/or Science Bees.

Age Divisions
Varsity: born in August 2004 or earlier
Junior Varsity: born between September 2004 and August 2006
Middle School: born in September 2006 or more recently

Registration Fee – 30 USD per participant (paid via Flywire)

Schedule (UTC/GMT +8:00) – please check the schedule for times in your time zone. 
Prelim Round 1 (August 8) – 21:00
Prelim Round 2 (August 8) – 22:00
Prelim Round 3 (August 9) – 21:00
Prelim Round 4 (August 9) – 22:00
Semifinals* (August 15) – 21:00
Final Rounds (August 15) – 22:00
*A semifinals match will be added if an age division has more than 50 competing students.

Please use this form to register if you are outside the US and this from if you are in the US. Registration is now open. The registration and payment deadline for the History Bee is August 1.

Please see the documents below for more details:
Tournament and Game Format
Competition Guide

See here for a full list of competing students