In order to have the National History Bowl and its sister tournament for individual students, the National History Bee, reach as many students as possible for the upcoming school year, the National History Bowl is looking for help with tournament recruiting and directing throughout the USA. Those wishing to work for the NHB must have graduated high school before July 2010.

Regarding recruiting, the NHB is looking for help creating our databases of schools to contact. For each school with a complete entry in the database, you will receive $1.00. This should work out to roughly $12 an hour. Calling certain schools to ask for more information will be needed in some instances.

Q. When would I start? Are hours flexible?

A. You can start working whenever you’d like. There are no set hours, nor any requirement vis a vis the number of schools that you need to input. There are lots of areas where we will need help, so there will likely be work available here throughout 2010-2011. Please contact the director at: if you are interested.

Q. What about directing tournaments?

A. The National History Bowl will need Tournament Directors and Assistant Tournament Directors at each State tournament site. Ideally the director or assistant director would be the same person who recruited for that site, though a certain amount of flexibility is possible here. Tournament directors must either have at least 5 years of experience in quiz bowl or college bowl, experience directing past tournaments, or have served as an Assistant Tournament Director at an earlier State History Bowl.

Tournament Directors and Assistant Tournament Directors will earn a varying amount based on the number of teams at each tournament, but directors will earn a base of $260, which can go up towards $400. Assistant Tournament Directors will make $120. Assistant Tournament Directors must have some experience with quiz bowl or be trained by their Director prior to tournament day. The larger tournaments may require more than one Assistant Tournament Director. Tournament dates will largely be determined by the schedule of the Director, so don’t worry about scheduling conflicts here. If you are interested in either recruiting for or directing tournaments, please email: