In addition to our Official Sponsors, The National History Bowl supports the following organizations, all of which support our mission and provide information, goods, services, or competitions that may be of interest to the students, coaches, and teachers who participate in the National History Bee. If you’d like to become a partner of the National History Bowl, please send an email to: Thanks!

www.socialstudies.orgNational Council for the Social Studies The National Council for the Social Studies is the nation’s largest organization of social studies teachers and works to promote social studies education throughout the USA. They are currently developing a National Social Studies Honors Society; please contact them if your school is interested in this worthwhile endeavor.
www.nche.netNational Council for History Education The National Council for History Education works to advance history education in our nation’s schools through a network of State Councils, their Annual Conference and through support of various initiatives. This website has a terrific collection of resources and links for history teachers and all those interested in social studies education. We’ve found a number of our state hosts through this site and thank the site’s director, Mrs. Pojer at Horace Greeley High School for her support! This website is coordinated by the Contolini Family of Lakewood, CO who seeks to promote geography education among young people across the USA. We wholeheartedly support their efforts as an understanding of geography is an essential prerequisite for comprehending history.
www.libertyday.orgLiberty Day Liberty Day is an organization that promotes knowledge of the Constitution among young people through various programs and initiatives, all of which serve to increase civic awareness and an understanding of democracy in America.