IHBB is planning to hold multiple regional tournaments across Mainland China for the 2022-23 competition season. Current host cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. If your school wishes to host a regional tournament (in any city), please email suopeng@iacompetitions.com.

Once the date and location have been determined for a regional tournament, it will be posted here. 

2022 Guangzhou Fall History Bee and Bowl
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2022
Location: Alcanta International College, Guangzhou
Registration Information


Costs (for 2022-23 season):
History Bowl (includes cost of History Bee):

  • 2400 CNY or 350 USD per team (up to 6 players)
  • 1600 CNY or 230 USD (team of 2 players)
  • 1200 CNY or 175 USD (team of 1 player)

Bee ONLY: 400 CNY or 60 USD per player

Moderator Discount: 400 CNY or 60 USD (per moderator)

Fees in CNY can be paid via AliPay. Fees in USD must be paid using Flywire.