2010-2011 National History Bowl Prelim Practice Packet – Set A
2010-2011 National History Bowl Prelim Practice Packet – Set B
2010-2011 National History Bowl Playoff Practice Packet – Set B
National History Bowl 2011 Sample Nationals Packet by HSAPQ

Online Practice Quizzes at http://www.historybee.com/history-quizzes/
(These take about 10-20 minutes each to complete, and are scored automatically)

FAQ: What’s the difference between Set A and Set B?
A: Set A is more pyramidal (i.e. longer questions that begin with more in-depth information) in the first quarter questions and features somewhat more difficult questions across quarters 1-3. Set A will be used in the Varsity Division at about 15 tournaments, primarily located in the South and Mid-Atlantic states; Set B will be used at the other tournaments. The JV Division at all tournaments featuring an entirely separate JV Division will use Set B.

The questions in the above files are representative of the style and difficulty levels that will be used in the preliminary rounds and playoff rounds respectively of the State Bowls. At the National Championships, the first quarter questions will be longer and there will be visual questions (and possibly audio questions) as well for the Bonus questions in the Second Quarter. And of course, you can expect the playoffs at Nationals to have questions worthy of the top History Bowl teams in the country.