By December 22, two webinars will be available here. These will be short videos, one for students, one for coaches and volunteer readers, that will help familiarize everyone with gameplay, as well as tips for moderating and playing. While the National History Bowl knows that many people who will be playing, reading questions, and keeping score have never done this before, the webinars will help you to gain a visual understanding of how the State Bowls are actually going to work.
Especially if you are planning on reading/keeping score/working as a moderator, please watch these even if you are an experienced Quiz Bowl coach! These webinars are short and instructive and are meant to be watched in advance of tournament days (though, yes, we will have them available on site as refreshers). The format is not complicated, but it is new, and the students who are competing will thank you for and appreciate your preparation to ensure a fair, fun tournament.
Also, please see the moderator’s guide which is now available here which can also be accessed by clicking on the tab to the left that says “Official Rules.”