carianIHBB is delighted to announce that Carian College Advisors will sponsor the upcoming History Bee and Bowl of Dubai on April 26, and will be partnering with IHBB to help launch and develop additional tournaments in the Middle East for the 2014-15 school year. Carian College Advisors, located in Dubai, is the only team of American educational consultants in the Middle East. Focused solely on American university admissions, Carian provides guidance for all stages of preparation, research, and application at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Carian has comprehensive experience in navigating college selection, application deadlines, transcript evaluation, essay brainstorming and revision, recommendation guidance, Common Application assistance, student visa procedures, and financial aid options. Catering to both average students and academic all-stars, Carian adheres to the highest American standards of ethics and integrity. Whether you attend school in the Middle East, or elsewhere in Asia, if you are interested in finding out more about how Carian could help you with the application process to American universities, contact Peter Davos at