The Carnival Fascination: host ship of the 2020 Intl. History Olympiad & Intl. Geography Bee World Championships

International Academic Competitions is delighted to announce that registration is now open for its two most prestigious events: the 2020 International History Olympiad and the 2020 International Geography Bee World Championships! Both the Olympiad and IGB Worlds will take place next summer on a week-long Caribbean cruise on board the Carnival Fascination. The dates for the Olympiad are July 19-26 while the Intl. Geography Bee World Championships take place the preceding week from July 12-19 (it is possible to attend both). Both cruises will leave from and return to San Juan, Puerto Rico and will visit St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and Barbados en route.

Please note that in contrast with past Olympiads and IGB Worlds, there is a hard cap on the number of people who can attend! This cap is not a set number determined by IAC, but is rather due to the fact that the ship has only so many rooms, and that we will not be the only group on board. Once all cabins have been sold, no further registrations will be possible! Thus we strongly encourage everyone attend either the 2020 Olympiad or IGB Worlds to register as soon as possible (on this page for the Olympiad and on this page for IGB Worlds)! Please also note that while students are welcome to either come on their own or with family members, cabins should not be booked directly with Carnival but rather through IAC. See here for further details on costs and cabin bookings for the Olympiad and here for the same for IGB Worlds.

For further information, including a preliminary schedule of events, event descriptions, FAQs, and more, please see the websites at and Please direct questions on the Olympiad to the Director of the International History Olympiad, Mr. Emilio Ergueta, at and questions on IGB Worlds to the Director of the International Geography Bee World Championships, Mr. Suopeng Gao, at Thanks, and we hope you will be able to join us next summer for an amazing week (or two) of competition and camaraderie in the Caribbean!