It felt less like Fall and more like Winter with the -7 degree weather in Beijing, but the intense competition at Dulwich College Beijing kept students warm throughout the day. In the Junior Varsity division, host school teams Dulwich College C and Dulwich College D faced off. Dulwich C’s 50 point advantage for their 2-1 standing in the prelims (their only loss being to the sole Varsity team in attendance) wasn’t enough to take home the gold. Dulwich D walked off with a win 170-130.

In the Middle School division, that same come-from-behind win would be repeated by Dulwich E. Dulwich F went undefeated in the prelims, besting both Dulwich E and Western Academy Beijing to earn their 50 point advantage. The team featured Bee winner and runner-up Jeffrey Liu and Fredrich Kong, but their individual might was no match for third place Elenya Chuan and her and finalist Fred Tatlow-Coonan. On each bonus, whether Elenya and Fred knew the answer or not, they consulted with their teammates. Their outstanding show of teamwork helped them get enough points to overcome Dulwich F’s 50-point advantage for a 150-130 win.

We hope that everyone had fun at our Beijing Fall tournament, and we look forward to seeing you all at Beijing World Youth Academy on March 8th in the new year!