IHBB is delighted to welcome you to its 2017 Asian Championships! Thanks to Hwa Chong Institution for hosting the competition, our first ever Asian Championships held in Singapore. Over 200 students are expected from throughout Asia, including the first teams from the Philippines and the Maldives to come to the Asian Championships. The field for the History Bowl, at 52 teams, is also a record – thanks for your support!

To check room assignments and scores, please click through to the following Google Sheets. Note that there may be a slight delay in processing stats as they come in, and that stats are not official until confirmed as such by IHBB staff once playoff students and teams are announced.

1. Academic Bowl of Asia
2. Sports and Entertainment History Bee
3. International Geography Bee – Asian Championships
4. International History Bee – Asian Championships
5. International History Bowl – Asian Championships

Good luck to all participants!