Beginning this academic year, International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce a new round of buzzer-based quiz tournaments across Asia, which will take the form of Regional Quiz Tournaments for the International Geography Bee! Since 2014, the International History Bee and Bowl has offered the chance for students attending tournaments to take the Qualifying Exam for the International Geography Bee (whose Asian Championships are held in conjunction with the IHBB Asian Championships). The Asian Championships for the International Geography Bee, however, take the form of buzzer-based quiz play (just like all levels of the History Bee), but have never had buzzer-based regional tournaments prior to the Asian Championships until now.

Students will be able to qualify for the International Geography Bee Asian Championships by placing in the top 50% of students at the IGB Regional tournaments, though students can certainly still qualify through the Championship Qualifying Exams. The IGB Regional tournaments primarily provide another chance to compete in an exciting quiz tournament setting and a chance to gain practice with geography buzzer-based quiz questions prior to the Asian Championships. Like the IGB Asian Championships, the Regional Quiz Tournaments will consist of 3 rounds of preliminaries for all students, with the top students advancing to the finals. The rules will be the same as for the International History Bee; registration must be done using this form (this is also linked on the main IGB Regional Quiz Tournament page)

We are currently anticipating holding 5-10 International Geography Bee Regional Quiz Tournaments in Asia this school year. One has already been scheduled for Harrow Hong Kong on Thursday, March 7. If you or your school is interested in holding an International Geography Bee Regional Quiz Tournament this year (after school dates are fine, as are weekend dates!), please contact

Thanks, and good luck at IGB Regionals and all your competitions this year!